This is the application for Econ 173AX/BX, also known as the UCLA Social Enterprise Academy. This year will be our 11th Academy of this innovative program.  

The application deadline is November 23 at 11:59 p.m. Decisions will be announced by Friday, December 10.

Students applying for the Academy are committing to attend every Tuesday evening from 6:15pm to 9:30pm in Winter and Spring Quarter. Attendance is in person. Students are permitted only one absence for the two quarters. Further absences are penalized.

You must submit your resume and a cover letter. Your name and student ID need to be on each page. You should combine both submissions in a single PDF file with your resume first and your cover letter second.

Your cover letter should discuss what strong points you would bring to a team of students working with a non-profit to develop a revenue generating venture to support the mission of the non-profit. Since we are looking to build strong teams of students with a diverse set of skills, we need to know what particular skills and experience you would bring to the Academy. Application decisions are made on the basis of our need to build balanced teams of students.

The UCLA Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) is a two-quarter experiential learning course. Over Winter and Spring quarters, students work directly with nonprofit organizations to develop earned income opportunities for the organization. Teams of five students are assigned to each nonprofit. Students will work closely with the leadership of one organization as consultants to develop the best enterprise idea, conduct market research, create a business plan, and pitch the venture to compete for cash and pro bono prizes.

The official course number is Economics 173AX/173BX: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (Winter and Spring 2022). This course counts as two Economics Electives towards the majors in Economics and Business Economics and can be counted toward the Minor in Entrepreneurship (consult with the counselor for the Minor). It is open to students in all majors.

Your Impact in this course:

Your role in this course has a direct impact on local nonprofit organizations including supporting their efforts to:

 ·        Create a business plan for their organization to launch a new and sustainable social venture
 ·        Gain expert training from faculty and potential investors
 ·        Receive volunteer support to research, develop and launch new social ventures
 ·        Participate in a venture showcase to earn up to $30,000 to launch their venture

Benefits for YOU:

 ·        Gain consulting, teamwork, networking, public speaking skills, and nonprofit experience
 ·        Directly apply content knowledge to build a revenue generating business plan
 ·        Receive expert training from UCLA faculty, alumni and business leaders with experience in the social entrepreneurship
 ·        Develop skills and experience in the venture initiation and pitching process including “pitching” a plan to potential investors at the UCLA Social Enterprise Venture Showcase

Application Requirements and Process:

Enrollment in Econ 173AX/173BX is by application only. The Social Enterprise Academy is a five-month (two quarter) program. This means that students enrolled in this course must enroll in both courses in the two-quarter sequence.

Eligibility: This program is open to current UCLA juniors and seniors from all majors.

You must be able to attend class sessions every week
Tuesdays from 6:15 to 9:15 PM both Winter and Spring Quarters.
That means that if you enroll in this course, you are committing to re-arrange your other commitments including those involving your role as an officer of a student organization to leave Tuesday evenings free. Do not attempt to enroll in this course if you cannot make this commitment.

You also must commit to enroll in both Winter and Spring Quarters. If you drop the course or do not enroll in Econ 173BX, you will not receive any units of credit for Econ 173AX or Econ 173BX.

In addition, you commit to attend the two rounds of our venture competition. The first round is currently scheduled for Friday May 13, 2022.  This will likely run from 9am until 3:30pm. Please note this in your schedule. The second round is currently scheduled for the evening of Thursday May 26, 2022.

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