The Bruin Development Academy is a 3-session training academy for students interested in exploring Product Management. The curriculum includes an introduction to product and the product manager role, actionable steps in planning for a career in product, skills-based training and panel discussions led by current product managers.

There will be three 2-hour sessions in May, with each session led by various industry alumni. Students who complete the program will have a vetted resume, understanding of key concepts important for product management, knowledge on the interview process, and next steps for career planning. 

Academy Schedule:

  • Monday, May 6 (6-8 pm) -- Defining Product Management
  • Monday, May 13 (6-8 pm) -- A Day in the Life of a Product Manager
  • Monday, May 20 (6-8 pm) -- Actionable Next Steps for Aspiring Product Managers

Program Eligibility:  Students of all years and majors may apply.

Application:  Students will need to submit an application with the following

  • Resume 
  • Short Answer Essay Questions 

 Application Due Date:  Wednesday, January 9

Acceptance Notification:  Students will be notified of their acceptance to the program by Friday, January 11

Attendance Policy: 

  • Students are required to attend all sessions of the Academy.
  • Students who attend all sessions will be included in a resume book that is distributed to employers upon request, get exclusive access to internship and job opportunities, receive a job reference or LinkedIn recommendation from a UCLA staff member and received a program completion certificate.

The Bruin Development Academy: Consulting is a 5-week training academy for success in the Consulting industry. It covers strategies for success and specific skills mastery training (resume, behavioral interviews, presence and case interviews). The purpose of the program is to train students to think like a consultant, and provide you with the practical skillset to be successful in obtaining a job in the industry. The program engages firms to provide enhanced engagement and training opportunities for current students, and students are able to learn from alumni in the industry as well.

There will be 5 sessions in spring 2019, and each session is led by alumni lead, Doug Waters ’16 from Accenture and Katie Russo from Partnership UCLA. Most sessions will have representatives from a specific consulting firm to lead training and education on a specific topic to prepare students for a career in consulting. Students who complete the program will have a vetted resume, case interview training, and an overview of concepts that help to shape their thinking in a consultancy setting. Upon completion, students will have their resume included in a resume book given to our partner firms.


  • Friday, April 19 (2-4 pm) Firm Partner: TBD
  • Friday, April 26 (2-4 pm) Firm Partner: TBD
  • Friday, May 3 (2-4 pm) Firm Partner: TBD
  • Friday, May 10 (2-4 pm) [OPTIONAL: More Information to Come]
  • Friday, May 17 (2-4 pm) Firm Partner: TBD

Program eligibility: Students of all years and majors can apply, but freshman and sophomore students will be given priority. 

Application: Students must submit an application with 

  • Resume 
  • Short Answer Questions 

Application Due Date: Saturday, April 13 by 11:59 p.m. 

Acceptance Notification: Students will be notified of their acceptance to the program by Monday, April 15. 

Attendance policy: 

  • Students who attend ALL sessions will be eligible to receive a staff job reference/LinkedIn recommendation, resume book inclusion, and a program completion certificate. 
  • Students who miss 1 session will be provided only a resume book inclusion. 
  • Students who miss 2 sessions will be excused from the program. 

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